" Medical Sales During...and After ...The Coronavirus Pandemic ! "
Time Sensitive Training on How Medical Sales Representatives Can Survive and Thrive During and After The Coronavirus Pandemic.

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NOTE: Presentation Delivers Only Critical Content. Nothing Will Be Sold During The Webinar!

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Mace Horoff, 
Medical Sales Academy

Some of What You'll Learn During This FREE Medical Sales Presentation:
What Medical Sales Reps Should Be Doing Right Now!
The doors to your accounts might be closed or restricted right now, but this is no time to sit around and do nothing. Learn the steps you can take right now to pave the way to sales growth into the future.
How to Leverage Crisis Into Long Term Opportunity
Those who act impulsively during crisis can become victims. But those who leverage opportunities with adaptive strategies quickly dominate the "new normal." Learn how to create opportunities with accounts and stakeholders now.
How to Meet The New Definition of Relevance for Medical Sales
Staying relevant has been the Achilles heel of medical reps. The definition of "relevance" has been redefined. Learn how to be relevant with every decision-maker in your accounts by specifically appealing to what they need and want now.
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